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A variety of services is available from full video production, photography, video production equipment hire, post production services to events. Red Sun Pictures has it covered. Get in touch now to let us know what you need today.


Video Editing & Animation

Commercial Advertisement

Event Coverage

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Instructional & Training

Live Video Streaming

Corporate & Testimonial

Social Media

Music Composition & Voiceover

Scripting & Creative


We love the collaboration part on all our projects. We listen first to get an idea on the overall outcome, before we add creative ideas and suggestions to make your project the best it can be. After an initial creative and planning meeting, we will go ahead to film your video or produce your animation. We will always consider:

  • Creative concept
  • Video length
  • Decided platforms
  • Key messaging
  • Scripting & voiceover
  • Delivery deadlines


Our experienced team of script writers have a combined skillset in a variety of genres. This will enable us to use the expertise you need to thoroughly research and write your script. Our designers work closely with the producer and director. As a team they will draw up storyboards before the shoot to visualise your video and enable an efficient shoot with clear directions and best time management for the whole crew on filming days.


Our production managers will provide:

  • call sheets & shooting plans
  • locations
  • actors
  • props
  • hotels & travel

Our production team is extremely organised and we will keep you updated on the progress using sophisticated project management software, email, good old fashioned phone calls and face to face communication. We are passionate in what we do and are always willing to go above and beyond to complete every project.


Our experienced production crew will confidently handle any task; from large-scale events or documentaries to promotional and tutorial videos. We will customise our equipment and crew to suit your needs. We will tailor our offers and prices according to your requirements.

Our crew values communication and collaboration with all project contributors. We support and encourage each other to ensure a smooth and successful production.


During the video-editing phase your film will be put together and come to life. In these final stages the producer makes sure that your key messages and branding choices are included in the right places.

Colour and sound will set the right mood for your video. That’s why we colour grade all high definition footage and ensure a clear and crisp audio output.

  • Video Editing
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Music Composition
  • Voiceover


We deliver our services all over the world. In order to reach a wider or specific audience, we can add subtitles and foreign language translations to your videos. Our web development team will work with you and make sure that the final product is accessable on any video player or connection speed!

You can also profit from our Digital Marketing offers accross all our social media channels and we can promote your videos using proven campaigns and strategies to ensure the best reach and maximum engagement possible. Get in touch with us today and get your project started.